Who wouldn't like getting flowers from a hidden admirer? :)

This is the story of a cute kitty named Willow who every day, was offering fresh flowers to her lovely neighbors!

Her neighbors were stunned when they saw her carrying a beautiful pink flower and supplied is as a present in one of her frequent visits!!!

When Rosie from the UK settled into her new home, she regularly noticed pink flowers on her terrace and was surprised to find a small kitty sleeping in the hallway like she owned the place...

Flowers in garden

In the beginning, she thought that the pink flowers were caused by the wind blowing. Until one of her friends told her that she had seen Willow with a flower in the mouth!

One day, while she was cooking, Rosie noticed Willow approaching with a pink flower in her mouth!

Cat with flower in her mouth

She was so excited that went to film the scene. Willow was so cute and sweet! Never had Rosie seen a cat carrying in her mouth anything but dead animals.

As Rosie said, Willow belongs to a neighbor but she likes them more because, every day, steals flowers from her owner's garden and leaves them on their deck.

Now, Willow is a daily visitor, offering Rosie beautiful flowers and makes her day in the most romantic way! And Rosie enjoys fresh flowers every day!

Willow walks in every day and enjoys the warmth of the house, especially in the freezing and snowing winter days...

Cat at home

Who could say no to such a cutie!

Wonder what we have in common with Willow? We both Flower Care for others!!! :)

Wouldn't you love having a hidden admirer like Willow? :)

Source: http://pawsplanet.me/cat-brings-flowers-to-neighbors-from-her-garden-regularly-since-spring/